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Health Over Profit

The history of organized modern health education goes back just a few decades. However, the entire field of health education and promotion has been around for millennia in one shape or another. In terms of a contemporary view, health education in its modern form started to come into existence around the 1970s, with the creation of the President's Committee on Health Education. This was created by none other than President Richard Nixon. Thereafter, more important developments began to occur, including the creation of a National Center for Health Education in 1975, as well as the creation of the Department of Education and the modern version of the Department of Health and Human Services around 1980. Thus began the true modern era of health education in the U.S.

Allow me to tell you a story about how important health and healthcare literacy is. Back in 2006 my mother had to be rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival to the hospital, the ER was packed with patients, my siblings and I were waiting for the ER physician to see my mother. I noticed that the physician and a resident were having a conversation about my mother, so I walked over to hear what was being said. They were discussing how to bill my mother's insurance to receive maximum reimbursement.

Well, at this point I was livid, so I stated to both of them "You're sitting here discussing how to receive maximum reimbursement out of my mother insurance and you have not even seen her. As I got louder and louder my siblings asked me what was going on? As I explained to them what was happening, both of them stated "Handle your business." I informed the ER doctor that his first priority was the patient (wellbeing) not the maximum reimbursement, and furthermore never judge a book by its cover. I further stated that I suggest you get up and see about my mother's health.

A nurse who was standing by stated to me that she had informed the doctor that I could hear what he was saying, and that it was unprofessional for him to do that, and he had not even seen the patient yet. The nurse further inquired if I was in the medical field. I stated yes, she stated that she thought I was, and she apologized for what had happened. Oh, by the way, the doctor had called for security on me because I was loud.

Can you imagine how many times this has happened? Families waiting on physicians to see their loved one, but they are discussing how to get maximum reimbursement from the insurance company before they even see the patient. Now imagine why I state that Health and Healthcare literacy is important for a caregiver, patient and yes for yourself.

Remember that Knowlege is Power the more knowledge you have in regard to the health and healthcare field the better you will be able to advocate for a loved one and yourself. I take the knowledge I have (30 plus years along with my degrees) of how the healthcare field works to pass it on to you. Physicians take an oath when they are in this field. It's time for everyone to speak up and not allow Profit over Health and Healthcare rule.

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