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Delta Variant, What Is It? And How Transmissible Is It?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

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Here in the State of Michigan, the state has began to gradually opening up. Restriction are being lifted and some may say life is resuming to what we remember as "Normal." As I have observed individuals out and about, and hearing those who believe that what the entire world has been going through since 2020 remains a hoax. But the reality still exists and remains that a hoax can't cause confirmed cases of 33,665,482 and 607,476 deaths in the United States, and 180,156,623 confirmed cases globally with 3,903,389 deaths.

There has been much concern about, shall I say a new mutation called the Delta Variant. This variant has turned up in wastewater samples in the Kansas City and St. Louis area. Officials aren’t yet sure why the spread has been so different but are exploring the possibility that lower vaccination rates in rural areas of the state are playing a role.

In St. Louis County, for instance, 48.4% of residents have received at least one dose. But the percentage is half that across a large swath of southwest and northern Missouri, where the biggest rise in cases have been reported, state data shows.

The variant is worrisome because it is not only more contagious, but also more likely to lead to hospitalizations.

What is this Delta Variant? The head of the World Health Organization says the COVID-19 delta variant first seen in India is “the most transmissible of the variants identified so far” and warned it is now spreading in at least 85 countries. Are we looking at another outbreak? From what I have read that this variant is hitting those who not been vaccinated. Children and individuals of African American decent are in greater threat to contracting this virus. There are those who will state that this is just a ploy to have everyone vaccinated, and that there is no other variant to Covid-19. But we all know from science classes, that mutation of viruses does exists.

For those of us who have autoimmune illnesses, it is still very important for us to remain careful when going out in crowds. Yes, we are accustomed to wearing mask, having hand sanitizer, wipes and the list goes on, and on. It is so very important that each and everyone one us to remain safe. I lost a total of 8 individuals in 2020 that I knew, some friendships went back to 30 years, and if your wondering these individuals did not have lupus. I realize that we all want to go back to a normal life, but a normal life for us now consists of wearing mask and taking precautions for not only ourselves but for our loved ones.


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