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Conversation with My Body!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Some of you may have seen my Facebook, Periscope or heard it recently on one of my podcast. I'm no longer on any medications right now for any of my conditions, you see the cardiologist informed me on my last visit to stop taking everything that was prescribed to me, based on the fact that my body had begun to reject the medications, and in actuality was having reverse side effects on me.

Your probably wondering what I stated to the cardiologist, I informed the cardiologist that this was not a surprise to me, I felt something was not going on right with my body, he suggested that I go see an endocrinologist to see what damage had been done to my endocrine system from the medication and also lupus. So I agreed to see the endocrinologist on February 14, 2020. Before I left out of his office he informed me he wanted me to utilize the exercise bike 4 times a week for 1 hour . Allow me to ask a question, "Did you know that some medication for lupus affects the endocrine system"? "Do you know that Lupus affects the endocrine system"?

Our bodies all react in different ways, no two people will experience the same reaction just like with lupus. Well allow me to explain to you how my body reacted with no medications being ingested. The first couple of days was horrible my body went into total shock, horrible sweats, irritability, I could not keep anything on my stomach, it felt like life was being sucked out of me. I have never been the type of individual who was nervous about anything, but I have noticed that I sometimes have the shakes. Now I can hear you asking the question why didn't the physician gradually tapper her down on the medication? Well by gradually lowering the dosages the damage still would be occurring.

One night while trying to sleep both legs began to cramp, they were so intense. Have you ever felt cramping from your thighs all the way down to your feet? Well I did and at this point and time I had a conversation with my body, yes I literally had a conversation with my body that went like this:

Susan: What are you trying to do to me?

Body: I'm not use to not having anything to quite me down, so this is how I react.

Susan: Me and you are going to have to work together, because what your doing I'm totally not use to this.

Body: You are just going to have to deal with this until your system gets use to not having any types of medication ingested.

It's not easy going through this, but I continue to do what I have to, this morning February 3, 2020, I woke up at 3 a.m. my sister ask me what is wrong, and I told her I could not sleep and that I felt like life was being drained out of me. She ask me was I going to workout this morning I told her I have no energy I'm drained, she looked at my eyes and stated that I look so tired, and I stated I am but I have things to do and to just allow me to work through this, and there was no need for her to stay home today I would be ok.

I continue to do what I have to do during this process. For me to sit back and to be quite about something that could happen to another would be unjust and that's why I tell my story to allow someone else to know that they are not in this alone.

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