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What If?


What If, you went to the doctor for a follow up appointment, and the doctor complained about being one hour behind and he or she did not have time for anything extra? What would you do?

Well this What If happened to me on a follow up appointment I had with a new doctor for my lupus. When the doctor entered the room the first thing she did was state “I’m one hour behind in my schedule and I don’t have any time for anything extra.

The doctor proceeded to ask me what am I there for? (red flag), she proceeded to look at the lab results and stated that I had a positive ANA test that came back (this I already knew) for those of you who are reading this and my not know what an ANA test is here is the definition: The antinuclear antibody (ANA) test is commonly used to look for autoantibodies that attack components of your cells’ nucleus, or “command” center, triggering autoimmune disorders like lupus. 95% of people with lupus test positive for ANA, but a number of other, non-lupus causes can trigger a positive ANA.

So, basically my body was attacking my tissues, I was fighting with my own body sometimes I laugh when I say this, don’t get me wrong it is a serious issue but sometimes you need to laugh rather than cry. So, the doctor proceeded to tell me that she was going to place me back on Plaquenil ( this medication I was taken off of do to it causing more harm than good), I replied to the doctor, “I informed you at our initial consultation that I was taken off of this drug do to a blood disorder that I have”. She replied I don’t know anything about that and I’m looking at the lab work and I don’t see where it would be a problem another red flag went off in my head), so I informed the doctor “Well it’s a problem to me” you took an oath to do no harm and in my opinion this represents harm”.

So since previous lab work was performed and sent over to the new doctor, I also had a positive UA infection, I proceeded to ask the doctor for some antibiotics to clear this up, she then turned around and stated “I told you I didn’t have time for any extras, you can go right next door to Urgent Care and let them take care of it”. This was the final red flag for me I informed the doctor why would I go to Urgent Care when I’m right here in your office? She did not answer. So I ask again for the antibiotic and she gave it to me and stated if this did not work I don’t know what you are going to do.

To find out what I did go to my podcast My Story Living With Lupus on or on any podcast of your choice to hear What If?

****This incident occurred November 28, 2017****

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Aug 16, 2021

Interesting readd

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