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Warriors Mindset!

The month of May represents Lupus Awareness Month. A time where those of us who suffer from this chronic illness come together to bring forth further awareness about this condition. When you go on social media, you will see a phrase that states "Lupus Warrior", but do you honestly realize what this phrase really mean?

To truly understand a warrior mindset you first have to understand what it means to be a "Lupus Warrior." A Lupus Warrior may bend but he or she never breaks, a Lupus Warrior is resilient, a Lupus Warrior continues in his/her course of action even in the face of difficulty, a Lupus Warrior may shake but never crumbles, a Lupus Warrior may get knocked down but he/she will get back up to fight another day.

We know that there is no cure for this illness, and that the medication that we are given is to just control the symptoms, so that we can have what is so-called a "Normal Life." But life is not normal, not unless you think feeling ill all the time is normal? Not unless you think living in chronic pain every day is normal? Not unless you think losing your hair, gaining weight from the medications given to you, not unless you think brain fog is not real, not unless you think loosing your job, going in and out of the hospital, being put on dialysis because lupus has attacked your kidneys, oh yes I can go on and on and on, but the one that usually gets most of us who suffer from this chronic illness is someone saying "You Don't Look Sick".

You see, having a warrior mindset means you won't quit. It encompasses the Spartan philosophy of bringing back your shield or being carried back on it. Having a warrior mindset means doing whatever it takes to be prepared because warriors don't just survive, they overcome and win.


Body Conscious
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